Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Choosing Good Operating system

Aspects of security:Every computer user must have the data and valuable information. It is important for the operating system to protect such data from the parties who are not berhal. This is the security (security).An operating system has some aspects of security, especially related to the loss of data, such as:• Aspect threats (threats)In general, the operating system against the threat of opening of confidential data, data modification by unauthorized people, also pelumpuhan system.• Aspects of intruders (intruders)Today many people are trying to get into the operating system with a variety of purposes, including:- Menjebol operating system (hacking)- Taking advantage of the inroad action(Cracking)Besides infiltrated by humans, the operating system also faces a security threat from intruders programs, called malicious programs or malware.Malware is a program that infiltrated into the operating system with specific goals, such as:- Retrieve personal data- Take over the computer- Damage the operating systemWhich includes categories of malware are:- Virus- Keylogger- Worms- Trojan- Spyware• Aspects of disasterThe operating system is threatened as a result of natural disasters, such as:- Floods- Mud- Earthquake- Etc.For most developers currently operating system, security is a major issue, because the development of today's Internet world consequences of the increased security risks operating system. Therefore, the operating system must have security resilience.Aspects of reliability:An operating system can be said to reliable if:• Can work well, not easy to hang, crash or stop at the time of operation.• How far can the system keep running even if a mistake is made in the operation (error telorance).• How long the feedback or response is received by the user or users.Reliability of a measure of the operating system parameters sebgai follows:• easily configured and maintained• easy to predict or forecast when the needs change, especially for business needs• available for end usersFactors affecting the level of reliability, among others:• growth of the business needs• continuous innovation of hardware and software developersElection platform operating systems reliable and easily managed and maintained will reduce the direct costs associated with end-user productivity.Aspects LeisureAspects of comfort in the operating system is strongly influenced by several things such as:• Consistency of the form or design and location will provide easy navigation and convenience for users, among others:- Helping new users first time using the media.- Helping users to use the media- Assist in the process of reception of the information received.- Users can find out the condition of the program and can perform alternative actions.- Will facilitate the search process without disturbing the user with information berlkebihan.- Users can easily guess and predict even determine the relation between action and reaction, between the control and the resulting effects, between the status of software and what it seems.• Availability of type Application / Software / Tool• packaging an integrated program and easy in executionThe installation program can be run automatically with a single install.• Documentation complete program

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tips to clean mainboard.

Not much is what we'll do but believe me when 5 years old we do not open our computer so we will see a pile of dust and cobwebs so thick in decorating our cpu roared. Now to clean it then we're through the following steps:
Use a brush and air pipette,
Avoid wearing a wet cleaning equipment,
Use hair dryer if necessary and stelahnya mainboard but do not directly be used dried prior untukmenetralisir fluid may have spilled.
Tips for posting so this time hopefully useful thank you!

Tips on caring for the keyboard.

The keyboard is an important tool in the computer. Because as an important tool so normal that we should do a special treatment for long-lasting and do not cause problems later on. How to care more or less as follows:
1. take a soft brush and cut the average to be more powerful and do not fall off when used. This serves to clean and reach the narrow places when we are not biased lab reach.
2. pipette used to blow air keyboard parts that may still place the debut of the reach of the brush.
3. use the keypad cover so that we reduce the time to clean the keyboard.
4. try not to smoke, drink and eat near the keyboard.
Tips on caring for such a small keyboard may provide many benefits. Thank you!

Tips for computer looks shiny and new

It would be nice if each of us see our computer looks new and shiny. Aga r computer it looks like we only need to do a few things like:
1. use a soft cloth and leave no marks when used to wipe the outside of the computer.
2. use cleaning fluid recommended by the store or use cajumput oil. Give way in some parts of the bias given the oil and wipe with a soft foam spont.
3. use the cover or cover to cover computer from the dust of the room.
4. protect it with Softcase palstik made of rubber and to protect from collisions with other objects that make our computer chasing scuffed.
So some things we may need to do to get our computer looks neat, clean and shiny.

Know where the ergonomic computer equipment

Leaving the computer should be placed in the cool, clean room good to circulate in order not stuffy. Try to put the computer does not deal with the light because it will make our eyes glare. Our seat height should be comfortable and we are after we sit down dikursi not exceed the height of the monitor and not lower as well. Elbow position we should not be too high or too low from the keyboard. Do not be too long in front of the computer try our per 2-hour 30-minute break to reduce fatigue. Keep in which we work with the computer light. In order to secure the monitor screen filters fitted to reduce the radiation monitor to our eyes

Tricks bought a PC / Laptop

When we have money and no desire to buy a PC / Laptop and the coincidence is necessary then we must have a ratio of various goods and brands and from some computer shop that will be our reference to determine the appropriate choice terhadapa PC / Laptop you. Compare the prices and what we can. Good choice is the economic price and features full completeness.

In order for a PC / Laptop running smoothly

Maybe you would feel if the computers at home more and more slowly. This is because our data are more and more and have to go through this course load will require a long processing time, while not all the files that we need or bayaknya realtime software that we install a working computer hard time loading files. Or because the number of viruses that infect our computers. Below is my postingkan that may need to simply increase the performance of computer at home:
1. reduce unnecessary software.
2. diskclean up files
3. turn off real-time software is not necessary true. Why because every computer where the computer running without kendalan in terms of healthy computer is no need for real-time software only for mere detection of the virus.
4. avoid not turn off computer from start button menu.
5. virus scan regularly and didefragmentation files.
It seems so that I can for for posting this thank you for coming on my blog ... success!